Stubbornness with Tools

For my entire computing life I’ve been slow to adopt new tools. I always end up learning a program or tool and then stick with it no matter what.

Some quick examples:

Purpose Old/Comfortable Huge Advance
Writing Java vim Eclipse (even though I generally hate Eclipse)
Operating System DOS Windows 95
Html/Javascript Notepad Notepad++
Javascript Pure Javascript jQuery
Prototyping Temp .NET Projects LinqPad

The latest entry is using LinqPad to do quick C# prototyping. In the past if I wanted to test an algorithm or some simple function, I would create a new project, call it “Sandbox” and start coding. It would take several minutes to make the console project, make a bunch of static methods and then test. Then I’d have to open a CLI prompt and run it. Bleh.

With LinqPad I can start just banging out C# and run it without all the extra “stuff”. Awesome.

I heard about LinqPad years ago, but refused to look into it. Like all the other entries in my list above, it really comes down to pride.

Deep down in my brain there is this thought, “You’ve wasted a ton of time by not using XYZ tool!” It’s hard to admit that for years I wrote raw Javascript to accomplish tasks that jQuery could have done far better. It’s also hard to admit that I would notice other developers using Notepad++ and thought, “Ha! So weak. Notepad++. I don’t need that.” Now I can’t imagine being without it!

The lesson for me is to be quicker to adjust to new tools that can make me more productive.

Stubbornness with Tools

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