Quick CouchDB Javascript engine replacement test (couchjs)

Somewhere online I had read about a new project from a guy at IrisCouch to replace the built in Javascript engine that comes with CouchDB.

You can see his project on GitHub here: https://github.com/iriscouch/couchjs

The instructions for replacing the Javascript engine of CouchDB are pretty simple. I spent most of my time trying to fight to install the right version of node.js and npm on my local Ubuntu VM.

Unfortunately after switching to the new couchjs engine I didn’t notice any performance gains. I’m not exactly sure what the motivation is for writing a new Javascript engine for CouchDB if not for performance. Maybe since I’m running BigCouch the advantages are negated? The GitHub site says the new couchjs Javascript engine is using V8. Do you remember the first time you ran a Javascript heavy feature in Chrome? It was much faster, right? I was very excited to see a performance gain of 10-20% (much like Chrome’s performance gains), but instead saw no visible, or measured, gains.


Something to keep an eye on though in case I need to squeeze every last drop of performance out of CouchDB.

Quick CouchDB Javascript engine replacement test (couchjs)