Project Euler!

Well it appears I am quite late to the party. The other day while trying to solve a CodeChef problem I stumbled across Project Euler. It was right up my alley as I’ve been trying to get into sites that help me practice algorithms and math.

Briefly some notes after my first 37 problems:

1. Project Euler encourages me to write really bad code. Since there are no time or memory constraints (just give us the right answer), I end up writing the worst possible code to brute force answers.
2. I love Python. What else is there to say? There is a reason Python is one of the most popular languages for solving Project Euler problems. String parsing, math functions, the terseness of the language, the ability to easily handle large numbers … it’s just fantastic.
3. I am about done with C++ for problems. The syntax and constant Googling of how to use various data structures became too annoying for me. Plus the extra few steps of having to compile and then run … it’s not that much, but it adds up. Again I love just running Python code without having to compile first.
4. It’s addicting. The site was made for someone with my personality. Goals, levels, competition, etc.

I read a blog the other day of a guy talking about how Project Euler was boring. He had solved about 150 problems (he even contributed a problem!) and then got tired of the site. Something along those lines.

Well I plan to beat that guy. We’ll see how it goes. =)

Project Euler!