Azure+TeamCity, Build Server Fun!

At work we have a strong need for a build server with pseudo continuous integration and the task was passed to me to get something up and running. Many years ago at a different job I cobbled together Cruise Control and some NANT scripts and was able to get something like a build server going. This time around I knew I could do better and on the recommendation of a co-worker I went with TeamCity.

TeamCity is awesome! Poor CruiseControl.Net looks awfully out dated compared to TeamCity.

Some quick things I love about TeamCity:

1. Lots of integrations out of the box. It can talk to TFS, MSTest, MSBuild, Powershell, etc.
2. It just works out the box. Web portal fired up fine, the windows service installed well, etc.
3. There is a ton of support online for it. CruiseControl has some of this, but not as much as TeamCity.

It was a bit harder to get TeamCity to publish projects to Azure, but with some help of a blog or two online, I got it working.

Our process now:

1. Check out latest solution from TFS.
2. Update Nuget packages.
3. Build the entire solution.
4. Run unit tests.
5. Publish to Azure (the staging instance just to be safe).
6. Flush Redis.
7. Run integration tests.
8. Email the team that a build is successful.

It’s been a few days of work getting it all dialed, but it feels good to add some automation to our process. It was getting tiresome to deploy manually and run tests a few times a day.

Azure+TeamCity, Build Server Fun!